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The Trustees welcome applications throughout the year for funding for rehabilitation or disability research taking place in the United Kingdom. To read the Remedi Research Strategy please click for Research Strategy  Although basic scientific research would not be discouraged, the Trustees main priority is to look at projects which identifiably would have clinical benefit for the relief of disability.

The Scientific Advisory Committee will be meeting to review applications that have passed external peer review in 2013 precise dates to be confirmed.

In some cases it can take up to 6 months to process an application.

  1. Summary
    If you would like to apply for a grant for research into rehabilitation or disability, please send us a summary of your project and try and limit it to one or two pages of A4. Click on Initial Application 2012.  The summary should include a breakdown of costs, proposed start date and the length of the research programme. Please e-mail with your Initial Application.
  2. Chairman
    Your summary will be considered by our Chairman who meets the Director once a month to review applications. 
  3. Application Form
    Having reviewed your initial application, if the Chairman considers your project is of interest to the Trustees and falls within our remit, the Director will email confirmation to you inviting you to complete a full application form You must return your application form within three months to:
  4. Peer Review
    Your application will then be reviewed by two/three externaly and independent referees and you may be asked to respond to their comments. If your project successfully passes this process it will be submitted to The Chairman for consideration at the next scheduled Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting..
  5. Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)
    The SAC meets twice yearly (May and November) to consider the applications that have successfully been through stages 1-4. The SAC shortlists the applications and recommends in order of priority, to the Trustees to consider for grants.
  6. Trustees
    The Trustees meet in June and December to review the applications that have been shortlisted by the SAC and make awards. You will be notified of the Trustees' decision shortly thereafter.
  7. The Terms and Conditions of our Award can be downloaded here  REMEDI Research Award Agreement 2012
  8. Final Report
    On the completion of the research project a final report must be submitted to the Director and approved by the Academic Visitor, before the final tranche of the award (10% of the award) can be released.



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